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ExhibiTour is a platform for trade exhibitions, but unlike virtual trade show portals we don’t only make virtual trade exhibitions. We are an extended version of the real life exhibitions plus online shop platform. If You weren’t present on a trade show You can get it on ExhibiTour.
We use modern panoramic imaging and video technology to take actual trade shows to the internet. Once a trade show has taken place in reality our team prepares a virtual version of it on ExhibiTour. Thanks to that we are able to carry You through space and time giving you visual access to any trade exhibitions. Through space and time?
On ExhibiTour You can find any trade show that has taken place in any exhibition centre or location that hosted such a show.

You can access ExhibiTour at any time from any place in the world. You can find trade shows that interest You using our simple search wizard and here You go. Use our panoramas to walk through the exhibitions halls and see everything like You would be there in person. But these virtual tours are not the only thing we provide.
On ExhibiTour You can simply get access to data, statistics and information about exhibitors, their products and services. If You are an exhibitor and You want to get more out of Your investment in a trade stand we give You the possibility to add information about Your company and products thanks to our exhibitor profile. You can establish new contacts, acquire access to new output markets and sell Your products. ExhibiTour extends the time of trades and possibilities that trade shows give.
So, ExhibiTour makes trade showes go on!

Selected Features

Exhibitor VCard

Visitors and customers can easily view the profile and contact details of any seller participating in the trade show.

Full-Time Exhibition

Every day of the year and every hour of the day, visitors can benefit from our virtual exhibitions regardless of where they are, even months after the exhibition has concluded.

Social Media Integration

Exhibitors, visitors and journalists can share interesting updates on the exhibition every instant, and let more people learn about the exhibition.

Cross Platform

Our virtual tours and other services are accessible and legible to all visitors across all kinds of smart devices.

Video Panorama

ExhibiTour is not limited to pictures and images, our visitors get to watch and listen to exhibitors introduce their products and services to the public.

Interactive Map

We made the whole navigation process as intuitive and straight-forward as possible with an interactive map system which pin-points your location, marks the places you have visited so far and those which you have yet to see.

Google Analytics

Exhibition holders and exhibitors have access to helpful qualitative and quantitative stats on their exhibition/stall.

Embed Code

Journalists or exhibitors can easily broadcast the event on their websites and blogs using the embed code we provide for each stall.

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